Personal Mentorship

Personal mentorship to develop a trading plan with the 3M's.

A specific course on preparing and following a Trade Plan, which will incorporate technical strategies, money management & the psychological factors like fear, greed, discipline, patience etc.

The personal mentor ship is conducted with a structured plan.

1.) First we go over basic levels that are required. These will be the correct use of the technical indicators, introduction to the Fibonacci ratios, chart patterns and other tools like the Andrews Pitchfork that we use.

2.) Then I introduce some effective trading strategies & we decide which would be the most suitable for the trader, based on the comfort level & timings.

3.) Once we have finalized one or two systems, then we go over the money management concepts like position sizing, Kelly's ratios etc.

4.) Finally we prepare a trading plan incorporating all the above factors....and then we can start thinking of trading live.

In all these above steps, everything is taught on the live markets, so the trader gets a better idea on how to implement the knowledge.

I also provide all the information in the form of PDF files and video recordings, so one can study them at leisure.

The charges are based on the experience level of the trader.




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