A unique forex trading workshop with live trading, presented by –
Affluence Ministry & FibForex123™

7th March (9.00 AM to 5.00 PM)
8th- March 2012 (7.00 PM to 10.30 PM)
9th March 2012 (7.00 PM to 10.30 PM)

Affluence Ministry – has been the pioneer in providing forex education in Singapore, with the aim of creating wealth through forex trading. Their unique approach is to ‘trade along with the traders’, thus imparting practical knowledge.

FibForex123™ - headed by Sunil Mangwani has been providing advanced education for forex and live trading for over a decade. They analyse the markets in real time & apply the advanced techniques with the rules of money management to increase the trading capital. They are now bringing this expertise to Singapore for the first time.

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The Forex market is the largest market in the world, with a daily turnover of (app.) 4 trillion....which is more than the combined volume of the New York & London Stock exchanges.
It offers limitless trading opportunities, due to its unique features.
This workshop will introduce you to the exciting world of forex trading and give you the correct techniques to trade this unique market.
We will cover the basics of the forex markets, along with 2 effective trading techniques –

1.) The Divergence technique
Trading the forex market has a distinct advantage, since price tends to follow technical analysis to a large extent.
Most traders tend to use indicators to analyze the charts, but indicators are usually lagging and one should use indicators for specific purposes. One such effective use is to determine Divergence
“Divergence” is an effective and leading indicator of price movement, which can warn of a shift in the price momentum.
A Divergence occurs when there is a discrepancy between the price and a technical indicator. We can define it as the failure of the indicator to confirm the higher high or lower low of the price.
This “real’ trading strategy” works on all time frames and for any financial instrument, thus making it flexible for every trader.

2.) Wolfe waves
The Wolfe Wave is a natural pattern found in every market. Its basic shape shows a fight for balance, or equilibrium, between supply and demand. The overriding factor in identifying the Wolfe Wave pattern is symmetry
These patterns are very versatile & specific in terms of price targets, which can be predicted with amazing accuracy.
It is an excellent technique in terms of Money Management, since it usually offers a fantastic Risk-to-Reward ratio.
For this reason, when correctly exploited, Wolfe Waves can be extremely effective.

A free intraday trading technique, built specifically for the 15min time frame.
One of the most effective yet simple to use strategy, which can be traded with immediate results.

The workshop has been planned in such a way, that you will learn the techniques of forex trading and apply it on the live markets along with us.

We will be trading and applying these strategies in real time
These Forex Seminars & Workshops are held all over the world and the last one in London UK went down a storm The participants are now benefiting from what they learned and implementing the skills in the live markets.

So why not join them and be part of a growing group of successful, consistently profitable Forex traders?

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Day 1 – Wednesday 7th March 2012 (09.00 AM to 05.00 PM)
Workshop topics

• How to set up & use the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform.
• How to Identify Support & Resistance levels and how to conduct Top-Down Analysis.
• Fibonacci Forex Trading - Learn about Fibonacci Ratios and how to use the various Fibonacci ratios on the MT4 platform.
• The Best times to trade Forex
• The 3Ms:
     - Money & Risk Management. Risk-to-Reward ratios, Position Sizing & Capital Exposure.
    - Mind (discipline and patience to follow a trading plan)
    - Method (technical set-ups for the trading methods)

The Divergence strategy:
• Why does a Divergence occur?
• The different types of Divergence.
• How to trade the divergence with precise entry, stop and target levels
• Trade management & Money Management techniques built for this strategy.
• How to maximise profits by identifying key technical levels.

Wolfe waves:
• Identifying the Wolfe wave.
• How to trade the Wolfe wave with precise entry, stop and target levels.
• Applying the concepts of Money Management.

Day 2 – Thursday 8th March 2012 (07.00 PM to 10.30 PM) - Live trading.

Identifying, analysing & trading the divergence & Wolfe wave patterns.

The intraday 200 Moving Average technique – learn how to use this effective intra-day trading strategy, which is built specifically for the 15mins time frame.

BONUS: A proprietary indicator to identify the 200 MA setup. (For the MT4 charts.)

Day 3 – Friday 9th March 2012 (07.30 PM to 09.30 PM) Live trading.

Identifying, analysing & trading the divergence, Wolfe wave patterns & the 200MA technique

The cost to attend all days is only SGD $ 2500.00
(Two Thousand Five Hundred Singapore Dollars only)
Includes lunch on Day.1, tea/coffee breaks and supporting PDF documentation.

7th - 8th - 9th March 2012

Affluence Ministry Pte Ltd
185A Thomson Road,
Goldhill Centre,
Singapore 307629.

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As an example of the effectiveness of these techniques, we are enclosing some setups which our traders identified & traded with fantastic results.

1.) Bullish divergence on EUR/USD 5 minute chart
2.) Bullish Wolfe wave on EUR/USD Daily chart
3.) A 200 MA bearish trade on GBP/JPY 15 minute chart

This workshop will give you a lot more than the above and will enable real discipline to your Forex trading, by learning:
* How to read price action
* How to identify low risk & high probability trades
* How to plan the trade and then trade the plan
* When to enter a trade and with correct position sizes.
* When and how to scale out by taking profits at predefined levels for multiple positions
* When to let your winning trades run or when to close them out.

So don't delay & secure your place today.

Contact: Kim Kev : id
Sunil Mangwani:

Here are some feedbacks from the previous workshops:


I just wanted to say Thank You. It has been a pleasure and such a great honour to be a part of your teaching Fibonacci techniques. Your explanations and reasons have really helped me understand much more about Price Action.
Your calmness and focus are perhaps what set you apart from the crowd. You are what you preach, Discipline.
It took me several times to get the concept of the 1 2 3 pattern. Once I tried it a few times it began to make sense. I am what they call a “Newbie” and I only trade on a Demo account for now. Using your 1 2 3 pattern along with Fib Extension as given me hope that someday I will be able to trade a Live account and not get totally blown out of the water.

The scariest thing about this whole course is that now I am getting a glimpse of just how much I don’t know. I have so much to learn and discipline is right up there at the top.
I didn’t mean to ramble on and on. I really did just want to say “Thank You”.

I Owe You A Beer, (IOYAB)

Ken Krekel
Louisville, KY. USA
Good stuff today...I like the way you simplify your analysis of the market...I am learning the discipline of your approach better by the week. Especially to not force trades because they are not in or at important levels/resistance...last week I got pinged a few times going against the trend believing the market would turn...now I realize what the heck if it does as I already have nice profits from the downside move. How you explained the CAD was exactly what I needed to hear...no trade yet...Thanks.

John Spark.

Dear Sunil,

I have been involved with MANY different teaching methods, e-books, seminars, on-line programs, the works! I have just completed my income taxes for this past year and found that I can write off more than $5000 dollars worth of training materials for Forex.

I bring out all of this to make a point. Your course was (by far), the best investment I have made to date. Your methods are straightforward, simple to implement, and most importantly – they work!
In addition, your patience and kindness in explaining your methods are equally appreciated and go hand-in-hand with the excellent service that you provide.

In conclusion, your service provided the key to unlocking true methods that I will use in the Forex market in order to be one of the few profitable traders. I have never before had the confidence that I needed to have, that would allow myself to have a real chance at being profitable.

Although I will only implement one or two of your techniques (after all, that is all that is needed), those that I am most comfortable with (mostly the Fibonacci techniques you teach), I am quite sure I can trade profitably as I already have proven this to myself by applying these techniques to my trades.
Before I came across your service, I was becoming convinced that there were only two sets of people making money in the Forex market: Bankers (by collecting the spread), and those who were selling Forex systems to those individuals who wanted to make a profit. You have made me into a true believer that I too can now be profitable in this marketplace as well.

For that, I am grateful beyond words to express.

Thank you once again Sunil,
Rich Hopkins

I would highly recommend Sunil Mangwani as a Master Professor in teaching Forex Technical Analysis. His approach to teaching and utilizing Fibonacci in Forex Trading will take you to a much higher level of knowledge. Your learning curve will be shortened dramatically, especially if you are lucky enough to study with Sunil at the beginning of your “search for the Holy Grail”. Even if you have been searching for awhile, spend time with Sunil. You’ll be amazed at what you’ll learn. Treat your time with Sunil as a college course – take notes; type them up; practice by back testing; practice real time; ask questions; & keep practicing. Sunil did more to increase my level of knowledge than any other mentor I have worked with. He made me a “Fibonacci Princess”.

J Charla
Shelbyville IL


Just wanted to drop a thank you note. I was wandering around aimlessly in the wild world of Forex trading; System hopping, overtrading and searching for the non-existent “holy grail” would define my “style”. In other words, I was just another pig getting slaughtered by the pros. That was until I came across your methods. I was really fascinated by the way you have simplified the Fibonacci series. Although I was aware of the Fibs, I was only using them like any other amateur trader would. It didn’t take me long to convince myself to sign up for your workshop, and I am really glad to have done so.
To the point, precise and simple is how I’d describe your style of teaching. It has helped me build my confidence and I am not overwhelmed by the chart noise anymore as I look at charts in a whole new different way now. I know exactly where my entries and exits are.
I would strongly recommend your program to anyone out there who is looking to become a profitable Forex trader.

Warm regards,
Srini Duggirala

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Kim Kev
Affluence Ministry Pte Ltd
185A Thomson Road,
Goldhill Centre,
Singapore 307629.

Sunil Mangwani
60, Station Road
North Harrow
London HA27S



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