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Personal Mentorship

It is commonly cited that 90% of people fail to reach consistent success in traders. 

The reality of trading is that it takes immense effort, patience and a very specific mindset to unlock success in the markets. It can take many meandering, frustrating years to become a good trader - unless you find the right education. 

Isn't it smarter, then, to be guided by someone who has been through the painstaking journey, and can help you realize the best way for you to reach your trading goals? 

At Fibforex123, our techniques and methods work because each system has a specific trade plan built for it, with precise details on entry, stop, profit objectives, take profit, scaling out etc. In short, we wait for the right opportunity, and then manage the trades based on our principles.​ 

We offer basic and advanced trading techniques, which are built for the newcomer & the experienced trader on a step-by-step basis.

Our personal mentorship program is completely one-to-one, conducted by Sunil personally, so that each trader gets detailed attention. The program is custom designed for you - as per the your background & experience.
The program flow will be as follows-

  1. Understanding Price Action & different techniques based on it

    A deeper understanding here gives you faith in your system and you do not panic if price goes against you.

  2. Learning to implement our proprietary 3M method

    The importance of money management and the right 'mind' factor cannot be stressed enough. Without it, you will never grow your account, no matter how stellar your trading system/technique. 

  3. Developing a custom trade plan for you
    Your personal trade plan will be based on your capital, the time you can give to the markets and the techniques and style that you are comfortable with. It will be a holistic plan that you can begin to execute right away for instant trading success. 


  4. Practice, practice practice! 
    The 20 sessions covered over this course include extensive chart time, so that you truly understand and get comfortable with your personal trade plan


  5. Post-program Follow up 
    Trading is a dynamic process involving continuous learning. For this reason, even after the program is complete, we offer lifetime email support and up to 5 free live market sessions!


There is a huge amount of information available on trading today, but this does not necessarily make the learning process easier. This is not because the techniques out there are wrong, but successful trading requires a combination of different factors that go beyond the technique. More importantly, what works for someone may not work for you since the mind and money management factors are by far more important than the technique. Each individual's trading journey is unique.

Are you doing everything you can to ease your path and reach your ultimate goals? 

Program Specifics

Total number of Sessions:

20 sessions

Method of teaching:

Online, One-to-one

Post-program support:

  • Lifetime e-mail support

  • 5 free follow up sessions

Note that the program is custom-structured to each individual trader, based on your needs.

Why choose Sunil?

  • Trading since 1998 (22 years)

  • Inventor of the Diamond Harmonic Pattern (patent pending)

  • Trained over 300 students

  • Conducted trainings with: 
    - Online Trading Academy (OTA), USA
    - Options University, Florida
    - FxInstructor, New York
    - Bank of America, London


  • Reputed Speaker - platforms include: 
    - The World Money Show London
    - Moscow Forex Expo
    - The International Traders Conference (ITC) Barcelona, Spain

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