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Shelbyville IL, USA

I would highly recommend Sunil Mangwani as a Master Professor in teaching Forex Technical Analysis.  His approach to teaching and utilizing Fibonacci in Forex Trading will take you to a much higher level of knowledge.  Your learning curve will be shortened dramatically, especially if you are lucky enough to study with Sunil at the beginning of your “search for the Holy Grail”.  


Even if you have been searching for awhile, spend time with Sunil. You’ll be amazed at what you’ll learn.  Treat your time with Sunil as a college course – take notes; type them up; practice by back testing; practice real time; ask questions; & keep practicing.  Sunil did more to increase my level of knowledge than any other mentor I have worked with.  He made me a “Fibonacci Princess”.  


Rich Hopkins

 I have paid anywhere from $1995.00 US Dollars down to $9.95 dollars for trading methodologies of all sorts.Your course was (by far), the best investment I have made to date. Your methods are straightforward, simple to implement, and most importantly – they work! 
 In addition, your patience and kindness in explaining your methods are equally appreciated and go hand-in-hand with the excellent service that you provide. 


In conclusion, your service provided the key to unlocking true methods that I will use in the Forex market in order to be one of the few profitable traders. I have never before had the confidence that I needed to have that would allow myself to have a real chance at being profitable. Through everything I learned over the past year, you were successful in cutting through all of the “noise” created by those who are out there just to make a killing off of those who are looking desperately for anything that will work. I am grateful beyond words.


Ken Krekel
Louisville, KY, USA

I just wanted to say Thank You. It has been a pleasure and such a great honor to be a part of your teaching Fibonacci techniques. Your explanations and reasons have really helped me understand much more about Price Action.

Your calmness and focus are perhaps what set you apart from the crowd. You are what you preach, Discipline. Taking part in this training has been one of the luckiest things I have done. Not only has it introduced me to price action, but  


because of the course I have been fortunate to meet you. The scariest thing about this whole course is that now I am getting a glimpse of just how much I don’t know. I have so much to learn and discipline is right up there at the top.


Paul Wallace

Kaizen Wealth Management

I was lucky enough to attend your FX Harmonic Workshop this last weekend and I just wanted to say thank-you for a fantastic event.

I have seen many people try to explain Harmonic patterns but your style, examples and explanations beat everyone else hands-down. It was a truly illuminating event and I now understand Harmonic patterns far better than I ever did. You and Martin delivered some


fantastic advice to the attendees which will help them improve enormously as traders. Anyone with an interest in Harmonic Patterns needs to attend your course!”

Srini Duggirala
Chicago IL, USA

I was wandering around aimlessly in the wild world of Forex trading; System hopping, overtrading - just another pig getting slaughtered by the pros. Until I came across your webinars. I was really fascinated by the way you have simplified the Fibonacci series and Harmonic patterns. Although I was aware of the Fibs, I was only using them like any other amateur trader would. To the point, precise and simple is how I’d describe your


style of teaching. It didn’t take me long to sign up for your mentoring program. And I am really glad to have done so. It has helped me build my confidence and I am not overwhelmed by the chart noise anymore as I look at charts in a whole new different way now. I know exactly where my entries and exits are. I would strongly recommend your program to anyone out there who is looking to become a profitable Forex trader. Thank you for taking me on board your personal mentorship program in spite of your busy schedule. I really appreciate it.


Brian Warner

I happened to your website from a video you recorded on FXstreet. I'm a new trader. I had never used Fibanocci's before and after hearing your lecture and seeing your pdf's I thought I'd give it a try. I loaded MetaTrader and found how to set the Fib's, and after loosing several times in the market before (mainly using indicators) I

just focused on the Fib's. I made two win's last night in the Eur/Usd market. 


It wasn't amazing money, because I was only investing 1 and .05 of a mini lot., but it works. 

I started using Fib's on past climbs and falls and I can see how it relates. It's pretty amazing.

I just wanted to say thanks for the all the work on your website to help other people, like myself.

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