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Upcoming - Live Workshop

Trading the Class-A Divergence with Advanced Fibonacci

Becoming a consistently profitable Forex Trader takes personal effort, discipline, knowledge and practice, plus ongoing support, and quality mentorship.

This workshop will be conducted by Fibforex123 founder and divergence expert Sunil Mangwani himself, a highly respected trainer and a successful technical trader.

You will learn what makes a trader truly successful in the long run, and how you can get there. The workshop also covers a simple, yet highly effective trading technique, which works across all instruments & all time frames.


300+ traders are already reaping the rewards with consistent trading profit. Will you be one of them? 

This workshop is best suited for: ​

  • Traders who see one profit followed by successive losses 

  • Traders (novice and veteran) looking to understand how institutions drive markets, and how to take advantage of it to make profits. 

  • Traders looking to refine their methods for high probability, low risk setups

  • Anyone looking to learn a new life skill which will become an asset for the future.

Topics covered:

  1. Basics of Technical Analysis
    - How to read Price Action correctly
    - Identifying Fractals & Trends

    Trendlines and Support & Resistance levels - why you're most likely plotting them wrong
    - How to conduct Top Down Analysis


  2. Advanced Fibonacci Ratios
    - How to use the various Fibonacci ratios
    - Retracements & Projections - Ground Rules for correct plotting 

    The secret “Institutional Trap Ratio”
    - The amazing correlation between different Fibonacci levels


  3. The Class-A Divergence technique
    - Why and how it forms

    - Precise setup conditions for higher probability of success
    - How to get in early and capture a majority of the move


  4. Trade Plan (no, Technical analysis is NOT the trade plan)
    - Risk and Position sizing
    - Our proprietary 3M methodology - essential for any technique and in every market
    - Scaling profits and limiting losses



  • Trading Secrets of Professionals - An E-book with practical steps to succeed in trading.

  • 2 (free) follow-up Live Market webinars with Q & A’s to help consolidate your knowledge.

* All the course information covered in the workshop will be shared with participants after. 


Beginner/ Intermediate 

Date and Time: 





7 hrs
(Full day, includes a 1 hour lunch break)


  1. Do I need to have any trading experience to understand the course? 
    A basic knowledge of trading is helpful to make full use of what you will learn. For this reason, we send out a ‘Pre-course information’ document to participants a few days before the workshop. This will enable you to get familiar with the basic concepts of trading & allow you to download a simulated trading platform to practise the tools, if you need to. 


  2. I do not trade the Forex market. Is this course applicable to me? 
    The techniques covered in this program are applicable (and indeed very successful) across all assets and time frames - whether you trade stocks, derivatives, currencies, commodities; as an intraday, swing or positional trader. 

Join our growing community of 300+ happy Fibforex123 traders! 

I learnt so much about Forex - the wildness of the market, the mechanics of setting up a trade, locating demand zones & supply zones, odds enhancers, scoring the trade, etc.

However, the most important things I learnt from Sunil are Money Management and Mind Control - Discipline & Patience. Without these two principles, our Mechanics/Methods are doomed to failure.

- Robert Watsom

Preferred Broker: 

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