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Initiated by Sunil Mangwani, FibForex123 was founded on trading the Forex markets successfully, with the proper use of the Fibonacci ratios and the 1-2-3 pattern. The correct use of these two tools create the base for successful trading. At FibForex, we have refined these tools & taken them to the next level. However, these are just two elements of the trading process.  

The 3M Formula

Tools for Trading

Diamond Pattern

Image by Jp Valery

Coined by Sunil Mangwani, the 3M formula is the most important component of a successful Trade Plan. Incorporating this simple formula can turn an amateur into a consistently successful trader! 

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The most fundamental tools in the trading world are also the most effective - when used the right way. We at FibForex123 teach you to use these basic technical tools differently, so that you can view the market through professional eyes. 


Introducing the 'Diamond Pattern', an innovative Harmonic Pattern designed and patented by FibForex123 founder Sunil Mangwani. Contact us for personalized sessions to learn this pattern.


I've known Sunil for many years and worked with him on many occasions. He is, in my experience, quite possibly one of the most knowledgable and capable teachers and employers of Harmonic Trading Strategies in the world. 


Paul Wallace (FXTraderPaul)



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