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Introduction to Forex Trading

Are you new to the forex market? Or trying to raise your success level in trading? Most traders are unaware of the basic fundamental & technical factors for trading the forex markets. Through the following videos, I attempt to help you develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for the forex markets. I also give you a brief introduction to my company Fibforex123, as well as our partner company Willo Trading Institute.

Let's get started!

Basics of Forex Trading - Part 1

In this video, I give you a brief introduction on how to interpret your charts right, bust some myths about how to use a few indicators, and show you how technical analysis gives you a read on the fundamental factors driving market prices.

Basics of Forex Trading - Part 2

In this video, you can learn a little bit about my background as a trader and more about what Fibforex123 does. The second part talks about the importance of Risk Management. To understand this in greater detail you can check out my own method of Risk Management, that I call the 3M method, by clicking here.

Basics of Forex Trading - Part 3

In this video, I explain why technical analysis works well in the Forex Markets, and give you an introduction to our California based Willo Trading Institute.

I hope this gave you a little clarity on the workings of the Forex markets and also an insight into our own background. If you have any questions or specific doubts regarding the forex markets, feel free to drop a message on this website or get in touch with me directly at


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